ON AFGHANISTAN, ON DEVELOPMENT | Biometric data and the Taliban: ‘The Taliban have been given the keys to the server room.’

September 16, 2021

The Taliban’s rise to power in Afghanistan is spurring urgent concern about the safety of data that aid groups have collected over 20 years. They have inherited databases and technology that could be used to identify people linked to previous regimes or international forces, or members of persecuted groups who have received aid.

Source: The New Humanitarian, by Irwin Loy, Asia Editor, 9/2/21, Humanitarian Technology

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Keynote address at FCTV 30th Anniversary

Keynote address at FCTV 30th Anniversary

Michael called on FCTV to join him in working to educate the public about the importance of who selects and reports our news. Once the public starts hearing from more local voices we will begin to understand what the issues are that need to be addressed. We haven’t yet begun a dialogue based on good information.


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