CSFilm Fund for Afghan Evacuation and Resettlement

CSFilm Fund for Afghan Evacuation and Resettlement

Community Supported Film urgently needs resources to support our Afghan colleagues. We are establishing an Afghan Evacuation & Resettlement Fund. The funds will be used for ground evacuations and resettlement support during the long process of applying for asylum in the US.

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Advocate for Afghans

Advocate for Afghans

Click on the following links, or contact your Senator and Congressperson about the following: 1. Hold the Biden administration accountable to continuing the evacuation of Afghans whose lives are at risk because of their association with the United States government,...

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Vision and Mission

Community Supported Film (CSFilm) amplifies local voices in under- and mis-represented communities so that they can effectively communicate their lived realities through documentary filmmaking.

We believe that if people learn about the world’s challenges from the local perspective they will be better able to demand the right actions from their governments and to support effective humanitarian responses.

Michael Sheridan, Director of CSFilm, on the impact of local perspectives

Samples of CSFilm’s Work

Excerpt from Haitian filmmaker Bichara Villarson’s Owned and Occupied, part of the Owning Our Future: Haitian Perspectives in Film film collection.

Excerpt from Afghan filmmaker Aqeela’s The Road Above, part of The Fruit of Our Labor: Afghan Perspectives in Film film collection.

Excerpt from Dominican filmmaker Rafael DeLeon’s She’s an American Child, part of the New Immigrant and Refugee Visions (NIRV) film collection.

These films are made to stimulate dialogue. Here is an excerpt from a New Immigrant and Refugee Visions Screen&Discuss event.

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CSFilm wants to help your community tell their stories. Let’s explore how our model of training, filmmaking and public engagement can redefine the public’s understanding of your issues.


Screen&Discuss campaigns inspire new thinking and action among diverse audiences. See documentation from previous events and learn how you can organize your own.

Issues & Analysis

News and views on the people, places and topics of concern to Community Supported Film and our project partners.

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