Amplifying Local Voices

Community Supported Film’s vision is driven by the knowledge that peace, prosperity and democracy depend on a well-informed citizenry. Our mission is to help citizens make responsible decisions about their community, country and world by providing access to stories rooted in local perspectives.

What We Do


Community Supported Film (CSFilm) amplifies local voices in under- and mis-represented communities to effectively communicate their lived realities through documentary filmmaking. Their films are used in local and international Screen&Discuss campaigns to inform public opinion and policy from town halls to the halls of congress.

We strengthen communities by:

  1. Building local capacity in documentary filmmaking and video-journalism.
  2. Mentoring the production of engaging social issue stories.
  3. Using these films in Screen&Discuss campaigns that inform public opinion and policy from the grassroots up and the inside out.


CSFilm believes that injustices and hardships are best understood by those local to the issues. We know that if the public learns about people’s challenges from the local perspective, they are better able to demand the right actions from their governments and to support effective humanitarian responses.

The predominance of news and information about others, however, is still produced by outsiders and informed by external self-interest. If crisis, disaster, or war came to your town would you want the world to be informed by locals or outsiders?

Our answer is grounded in the knowledge that high quality locally produced stories provide well informed insights, for concerned citizens and policymakers, into sustainable paths to a more equitable and peaceful world.



We seek to work with other organizations and communities to develop and implement projects that are in line with our mission. Our ideal is to support projects that are locally defined and lead.  We are eager to hear from you about how our training, film production and public engagement model can be used to strengthen voices in your community and thereby better inform others about local issues and needs. Please see Voices in Partnership to learn about collaboration.


We also initiate projects which focus on people, places and situations that the US public hears a lot about in the news but seldom understands from the local perspective – as we have done in Afghanistan, Haiti, and the US. In collaboration with local media and community organizations we conduct trainings that strengthen local capacity and in the process produce a collection of films that can be used in the US to inform opinion and ignite action.

Who We Are

Michael Sheridan

Filmmaker, Educator and Director of Community Supported Film

Michael Sheridan is a filmmaker, educator and activist whose documentary films address issues of social and economic development and the tipping point between order and chaos.  For nearly 20 years Michael has engaged the public in stories from Asia, Africa and the Americas about people in poor and developing communities challenging the status quo and struggling to improve their lives.

In 1996 he co-founded Oxfam America’s documentary production and since then has worked to break new ground in the effective use of media to educate and change policy.  He has taught documentary filmmaking for 25 years at the community and university level and from 2007-08 served as a Senior Fulbright Scholar in Indonesia.

Michael founded Community Supported Film in 2010, and also runs his filmmaking company SheridanWorks. Community Supported Film seeks to take the foreign out of foreign correspondence by providing intensive training in documentary filmmaking to storytellers and activists in conflicted and developing communities.   Their stories are screened in public engagement campaigns to educate concerned citizens and policymakers about sustainable paths to a more equitable and peaceful world.

You can learn more about Michael’s documentary films and video art at

Comments on the work of Michael Sheridan, CSFilm founder and director:

“The role of film in informing social change is clearly Michael Sheridan’s passion and vocation. His work throughout Africa, Asia and the Americas provides him with the experience to move with ease in unfamiliar environments, to gain trust and to develop relationships that allow him to produce insightful stories on many pressing global issues.”

— Ray Offenheiser, former President, Oxfam America

“Michael Sheridan has a keen eye and a deep empathy which resonates through his work.”

— Lynora Williams, former Communications Director, Bread for the World


Afghanistan21-LookListenLocal – Project Lead, Afghanistan based

[Ed. 7/21: The last names of Afghans and  images of those still in the country have been removed due to insecurity in Afghanistan.]

Born in Nimroz, Afghanistan, Basir was raised as a refugee in Iran and returned to Afghanistan in 2003. Basir has worked and volunteered for local and international NGOs on Afghan reconstruction and has been an advocate for women and youth rights, including in a meeting with President Ghani.

Basir teaches critical thinking and creativity for university teachers and students. With an education in literature, Basir writes short stories in English and Dari. He is a noted translator of books and articles on subjects such as elections, religion, politics, and activism.

    Zayde Buti

    Creative Coordinator

    Zayde Buti works as an artist, teacher and video editor in the Boston area. His artwork is a meeting ground for music, comedy and performance art. In addition to his role with CSFilm, Zayde gives private, in-home guitar lessons and teaches digital media workshops at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where he graduated with a BFA from the Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM) in 2010.

    Zayde edited the following films in the NIRV collection:

    CSFilm Alumni

    Ralph Thomassaint Joseph, Haiti Program Coordinator

    Ralph Thomassaint Joseph is a Haitian multimedia journalist. Prior to the 2010 Haitian earthquake, Ralph worked for Enfòmasyon Nou Dwe Konnen (ENDK), a daily radio program launched by Internews. In the aftermath of the earthquake, Joseph’s work was distributed to nearly 40 radio stations to keep locals informed. Ralph has assisted in the production of nearly 600 news shows, which also serve as training tools for young and aspiring Haitian journalists.  Ralph won the 2014 Prix Philippe Chaffanjon award for multimedia reporting in Paris, France. He is currently doing a Masters in Journalism at NYU and continues his leadership role at the online Haitian news service, AyiboPost.

    Caryn Anderson, Operations and Communications Manager

    Caryn Anderson is a nonprofit management and information specialist. She joined CSFilm in April 2017 to help launch the New Immigrant and Refugee Visions project. With years of experiencing traveling to over 50 countries, most in the developing world, and living and working in four (Afghanistan, Australia, Iraq, Pakistan), she found herself deeply aligned with the CSFilm philosophy that many communities need more of an authoritative voice in the global public dialogue about them. Her undergraduate degree was in Broadcasting & Film from Boston University. She has a master’s degree from the Simmons College School of Library and Information Science.

    Aakanksha Gupta, Program Coordinator
    Aakanksha is a rising professional from India who just graduated with a Master’s in Civic Media: Art and Practice (CMAP) at Emerson College. Prior to this, she earned her BA in Communication from UMass-Amherst. Having lived in three different countries, she is intrigued by the ways in which media travel across different cultures and societies. She hopes to use storytelling to raise awareness and drive social change in communities. Most recently, she created a Community Storytelling Guide that aims to help mediamakers be better equipped to work with a large range of migrants to share their stories online, in an empathetic and respectful way. She is very excited to be on the CSFilm team, particularly helping with the NIRV project, which is very meaningful to her.

    Katie Bradshaw, Program Assistant
    Katie is a sophomore at UMass-Amherst, majoring in History and Classical Civilization, and is also on the pre-medical track. She’s so excited to be helping with the NIRV project, and edits for the website. She’s very passionate about CSFilms goal of providing people with the tools and spaces to share their own stories. She feels digital media and art are some of the most powerful ways of spreading a message and is incredibly excited to be part of the CSFilm team!

    Samantha Corsini, Program Coordinator and Assistant Trainer

    Samantha is a graduate from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a BFA in Film/Video. She is a filmmaker who draws inspiration from cinéma vérité, reflexive documentaries, and the neorealism movement, and adapts it to her own personal style. Having deep interests rooted in political and social constructs and their effects on individuals and communities, she believes cinema is the most powerful medium to discuss these issues and is thrilled to be aiding in empowering others to do the same.

    Sarah Chapple-Sokol, Operations and Engagement Coordinator

    Sarah Chapple-Sokol, previously the Director of Education and Inclusion at the Irish International Immigrant Center, has worked in various nonprofits in the Boston area for ten years. With a passion for helping people from different backgrounds understand each other better, she is thrilled to be supporting the CSFilm trainees as they get their films about the immigrant experience out into the world. She has a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from Colby College and a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Relations from Lesley University.

    Andrew Grant, Intern

    Andrew is a Boston native with a passion for all things audio/visual from video mapping to photography to archival footage as well as sound and video editing. He thrives on the exchange of ideas and perspectives that come from being surrounded by a diverse and international community. He hopes that his study in audio/visuals can be used as a means to explore his curiosity in learning from individuals based locally and across the globe.

    Jessica Howard, Intern

    Jessica is a junior at Tufts University where she is studying Film and Media Studies and Africana Studies. She is personally interested in using film as a medium to tell stories, and to impact representation in the media. She wants to explore both the artistic aspects of film as well as the social realities that exist around film. Jessica has experience working with documentary-based organizations previously and believes they can be an extremely empowering film form. She is very excited to be a part of the CSF team, and help more people learn about the work being done here to give resources to people with amazing stories to tell.

    Mariana Berenguer, Intern

    Mariana is a senior at Tufts University where she studies sociology and peace and justice studies. She is especially interested in the intersection of social inequality and collective social action and the space it creates for meaningful and lasting change. Mariana also has a passion for all kinds of film and recognizes the potential filmmaking and consumption has on how people see and interact with the world around them. She is excited to be working with CSFilm to harness the power of film to bring about positive change to communities that need it.

    Jen Ruggirello, Intern

    Jen RuggirelloJen is a junior at Emerson College where she studies creative writing with a focus on screenwriting. Her interest in film fostered a deep appreciation for documentary filmmaking and the unique narratives that can be shown through that medium. Jen identifies as a feminist and advocate for social change through organizations such as Emerson’s PRIDE program and Emerson Peace and Social Justice. She’s active in the LGBTQ community and hopes to write films that encourage the viewer to engage in compassionate listening. Jen is very excited to intern at Community Supported Film and hopes to further her skills both as a filmmaker and empathetic ear for those with stories to tell.

    Irfan AmaLee, Researcher

    Irfan AmaLee is passionate about creating creative media for children.  For more than 10 years he has been working as a professional in the children’s book industry and has been involved in social work as a peace education media creator.  Irfan has written more than 20 books, directed 8 movies and TV programs, written and directed 20 songs, 12 interactive games, 7 creative events, and has received 5 awards. Irfan is interested in being a social entrepreneur by combining his experience in media industry and his passion in peace education. Irfan just received a Master’s degree in Co-Existence and Conflict Studies at Brandeis University.

    Katherine Bamberg, Program Assistant and Intern

    Katherine Bamberg is a student at Clark University in Worcester, MA. She is pursuing a double major in Film Studies as well as International Development & Social Change.  Katherine is interested in combining both of these fields to work with indigenous media, and use film as a tool for social change.  She has a strong interest in working within the film industry of Cuba upon graduation.

    Allison Cole, Intern

    Allison Cole graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies. She won the Best of Mount Holyoke prize at the annual Five College Student Film Festival for her experimental short Terrible Storm. Apart from filmmaking, Allison is passionate about activism, particularly in regards to gender inequality in media.  She is thrilled to be interning for Community Supported Film, where she can combine her love of filmmaking and her commitment to social justice.

    Meaghan Kelley, Intern

    Meaghan KelleyMeaghan graduated from Connecticut College in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies and Anthropology. She is interested in how these two fields combine through the medium of documentary film. In college, Meaghan produced three short documentary films, as well as videos for the college newspaper and TEDxConnecticutCollege. Besides her film pursuits, she has also been active in the LGBTQ community, with a particular passion for promoting communication and collaboration between high school and college activist groups. Meaghan is excited to be working with CSFilm, where she can continue to learn about the documentary filmmaking field with an emphasis on her interests in applied anthropology and social justice.

    Ali Newhard, Intern

    Ali NewhardAli Newhard is a senior at Needham High School. She is looking to pursue a Film Studies degree in college as well as minor in History. Currently she is working on a film about the recent changes that have been made in the armed forces in regards to women and the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. In the future she hopes to be able to document social changes with the use of documentary filmmaking as a medium.

    Steph Rizzo, Intern

    Steph Rizzo is a Junior at Emerson College. As a Journalism major and a Photography minor, she focuses on different mediums of storytelling through combing writing, photography, and various visual media platforms. Steph is a member of Emerson Feminists and an employee of Life Alive Organic Oasis and Café. She is a humanist—and in these spaces she interacts with those who care for the environment, their personal wellness and the rest of the human family. Steph wants to be a channel through which alternative facets of the community are heard. She is invested in positive social change and awareness through connecting with others in a direct, in-depth and personal manner. Through these experiences, Steph is a student and teacher in life—and is excited to collaborate with CSFilms to help spur growth.

    Meredith Saucier, Intern

    Meredith is a graduate of The School of Visual Arts where she received a B.F.A. in Film with a concentration in directing. She has interned with Focus Features and Big Beach Films, and volunteered in Morocco with Al Saida Al Hora – an organization that equips rural women with income-generating skills.  She also volunteered with a group that teaches storytelling and film making to at-risk youth in Rabat. The convergence of film, storytelling, and development work was an ideal fit and was the impetus for Meredith joining CSFilm as an intern.  Meredith is in a Master’s program focusing on education in the Middle East and North Africa region. Her research interests are education equity for women and refugee populations, education in post-conflict regions, and using art, creative writing and film as tools for development.

    Marie Sullivan, Intern

    Marie is a fourth year student at Northeastern University where she studies Media Production and Digital Art. Her passion for travel and foreign language led her to South America in 2010, where she spent a year teaching English and volunteering with an environmental NGO. She is an active member of the Northeastern community and enjoys producing videos for student organizations. Her interest in documentary filmmaking and social activism led her to CSF, where she is currently an Intern.


    Testimony from New Immigrant and Refugee Visions (NIRV) trainees:

    “Getting to watch an editor allowed me to think as an “editor” while filming.”

    “I’m a totally new person on video camera. It’s good to know the basic function of a camera in the first week.”

    “I learned about general storytelling and basic principles of filmmaking. I learned the importance of holding the camera for seven seconds; thinking as an editor; analyzing the story and the different approaches to covering. I also learned how to use the tripod, our friend…”

    “The 7-second rule is something great to have learned. It will change the quality of the film I will shoot in the future.”

    “The lessons I have learned here are above my expectations – the explanations and the way the training is conducted is very exciting.”

    “The training is interactive and open to participation by all members. It is not one of those conventional one-way approaches to learning.”

    “I thought it would be hard to communicate and to be understood. But I was wrong! I feel very understood.”

    “I feel that this is a unique opportunity to be here and also bonding and learning and being open/curious about each other’s culture. We all worked well with the different groups we teamed up with.”

    “People are serious about this project. … Everyone is working hard, and even though we came from different parts of the world, we speak different languages, and have different cultures, we are very comfortable and productive as a team.”

    Comments on the Afghan-made films, The Fruit of Our Labor:

    “[Community Supported Film] put cameras in the hands of Afghans and gave them training to make films about their lives.  The result is an unprecedented intimate look at Afghan life with exchanges no outsider has been privy to before.”
    — Robin Young, Host of NPR’s Here and Now

    “We are all bombarded with so many mainstream media images of Afghanistan that are totally lacking an authentic voice. The Fruit of Our Labor fills that void. Connecting to Afghans trying to live with dignity and compassion under such horrific circumstances shatters so many of the incorrect underlying assumptions that have been a huge part of the problem, even for those sincerely trying to help the Afghan people. What Americans need to see is that the Afghan people are just like the American people. Both are trying to make the best lives they can for their families and communities.”
    — Journalists and documentary filmmakers Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould, authors of “Invisible History: Afghanistan’s Untold Story” and “Crossing Zero: The AfPak War at the Turning Point of American Empire”

    “Michael Sheridan is a filmmaker and educator who has done some extraordinary work in Afghanistan, helping Afghans to tell their own stories thru film. Last night we had a screening at First Parish in Needham of some of the short films from Afghanistan. The quality and beauty was stunning.”
    — Reverend John Buehrens, former President, Unitarian Universalists Association

    “I’ve made a film in Afghanistan.  I’ve seen the results of other trainings. Nothing compares to what your trainees have accomplished.”
    — Carol Dynsinger, Professor, NYU Tisch, Academy Award winning filmmaker, Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone

    “The first time in ten years I’ve actually heard an Afghan’s voice,” “Transformative,” “Eye-opening and Disturbing” — comments from audience surveys

    Testimony from Afghan trainee’s evaluations:

    “I have lived some of the most fantastic weeks of my life. This training is equipping me to make a difference in the future.” — Abdul, Water Ways

    “Documentary filmmaking is my medium of choice for communicating the realities in Afghanistan. This training is giving me the knowledge I need to pursue this work.” — Reza, Searching for a Path

    “This training, besides teaching documentary cinema, encourages coexistence. People from different backgrounds and ethnicities are sitting around the same table. It’s amazing.” — Qasem, Death to the Camera

    “This training is teaching me to discover my true potential.” — Mona, Bearing the Weight

    “Revealing the realities of Afghanistan has been a dream of mine. Now I have a chance to realize this dream.” — Aqeela, The Road Above

    Comments on Community Supported Film:

    “CSFilm is a vital new way for indigenous vision and voices to be seen and heard on the world media stage and in their own communities.”

    — Nathan Felde, Chair of the Visual Arts Department, Northeastern University


    • Autumn Human Rights Film Festival, Best Documentary, 2011, Kabul, Afghanistan, Death to the Camera, from The Fruit of Our Labor, Directed by: Qasem, Editor: Hamed
    • Echoing Green Fellowship, Semi-Finalist, 2013, United States
    • Harbus Foundation, Finalist, 2013, Boston, United States
    • Hot Docs, Official Festival Selection, 2012, Toronto, Canada, Death to the Camera, from The Fruit of Our Labor, Directed by: Qasem, Editor: Hamed
    • International Short Film Festival, Promotional Award, 2012, Winterthur, Switzerland, $10,000 prize to the film Death to the Camera, from The Fruit of Our Labor, Directed by: Qasem, Editor: Hamed



    Recent Press:

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