“Sharing your film made all the difference…”

April 22, 2020


NIRV filmmaker Rafael DeLeon and his film subject, Annabelle, participated in a virtual Screen&Discuss event hosted by the Belmont United Methodist Church in Nashville, TN on Sunday, April 21, 2020.

Your film and story are so incredibly important and I think that sharing your film made all the difference this morning,” said Tessa Lemos Del Pino, event organizer and executive director of Tennessee Justice for Our Neighbors.

Over 30 churchgoers joined the Zoom meeting to screen and discuss She’s an American Child, a timely film about the psychological and logistical challenges facing an undocumented Dominican mother and her DACA designated daughter.

“This [event] was amazing,” added Tessa. “I am going to work to figure out a way to take this to a bigger audience.”

Many thanks to Tessa Lemos Del Pino and Belmont United Methodist Church for organizing and hosting this event and to Rafael DeLeon and Annabelle for their participation.

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