DVDs Available: Owning Our Future-Haitian Perspectives in Film

January 9, 2016

OOF-HPF DVD CoverOwning Our Future-Haitian Perspectives in Film DVDs are in and they look and sound great! Please support the work of Community Supported Film and our Haitian Filmmakers by buying a copy.

Help Us Out:  Request that your town and/or institution’s library purchase a DVD at the institutional rate!

Please organize screenings and discussions of these important films to raise awareness about Haiti, economic aid and development and how our assistance can help or hurt.

Owning Our Future-Haitian Perspectives in Film is a collection of ten Haitian-made films that provide a unique opportunity to experience Haiti as it is lived by street vendors, business women, artists, farmers and more. Their stories, focusing on the economic and social development challenges faced by Haitians, nourish an understanding of Haiti that goes beyond its man-made and natural disasters.

In the fall of 2014, Community Supported Film in collaboration with Groupe Medialternatif conducted an intensive 5-week documentary filmmaking training. Ten Haitians were selected from 83 applicants. They came with a variety of storytelling backgrounds but little or no experience with filmmaking. Each student produced a documentary short. The results are gathered in this collection.

Watch excerpts online.  Share links with friends.


“Community Supported Film’s innovative work and creative storytelling allows Haitians to reveal their own reality.” Serge JC Pierre-Louis, President, DuSable Heritage Association, Chicago

“At the heart of it, artists can only really talk from their own experience, so if you want a story about sumthin’ that sumthin’ has got to tell the story itself. And, that’s just what these Haitian storytellers have done – beautifully and powerfully.” Dawn Kramer and Stephen Buck, Artists

“Through these films, Community Supported Film is facilitating a powerful way for citizens – who are not necessarily professional journalists or filmmakers – to use film to narrate their lives in ways that Western media rarely shares.” Lisa Ulrich, Regional Director, Let’s Get Ready

“The sensitivity of the filmmakers and the courage and determination of the Haitians came through very strongly.” Jack Cole, Co-Founder and former Executive Director, LEAP



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