October 9, 2009

Flight from Dubhai to Kabul: 176 turbaned, caped and hat’d Afghan traders, white guy with two Phillipino girls and me. Won $180 in the lottery on the flight! No food or drink but they do a lottery. First money earned on this project.

I arrived at the hotel sat down to breakfast and the windows blew open in front of me from the bomb blast at the Indian embassy.

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  1. parul

    What a welcome!
    hotel has a nice courtyard, a breather! I guess it is from the darkness of the room and the gloom around that the gems of your art will shine…..
    praying for your safe return.
    all the best and may the protective energies always be with you.

  2. Vik Murthy

    Wow, just wow. What an unceremonious welcome to a country whose people deserve so much better from their political and religious leaders.

    I know there is a strong tension between creative expression and safety, but I hope you’ll err strongly on the latter. I’m sure your art will still manage to speak and shine brightly.

    All the best.


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