McMillan Stewart Foundation supports CSFilm online training

November 9, 2023

Community Supported Film (CSFilm) wrote a new proposal to seek support for the development of our online documentary training (ODT). We are pleased to announce that the McMillan Stewart Foundation generously granted $20,000 for this two-year project. ODT will train community activists, journalists, and other grassroots storytellers in documentary filmmaking – from story development through post-production.

The proposal details CSFilm’s mission to develop new training and filmmaking projects that are locally initiated. Instead of CSFilm approaching local organizations and individuals about developing filmmaking trainings, as we have done for more than a decade, we would prefer to assist homegrown needs. We plan to magnify the impact of our training and production model by creating online tools that allow for more flexible and responsive access to the knowledge base. This will better allow communities to proactively improve their social change agendas using documentary filmmaking.

To engage more people and organizations in the use of documentary film for social change we are working to make our training model freely available online. This resource will promote the capacity of our trainings and drive more people, organizations, and communities to imagine how they could use the model for their own development.

The online training involves developing and producing 44 videos and 33 exercises. Read the proposal to learn more about this unique initiative. Please let us know if there are any funders who may be interested in such a project.

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