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February 22, 2023

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President Biden’s administration has said it will introduce a new rule that would deny many from seeking asylum based on their manner of entry or transit through other countries. The asylum ban is a fundamental departure from how our life-saving asylum system should work and is reminiscent of moments in our nation’s history when we turned away refugees to their death. 

Stephen Miller and President Trump repeatedly issued asylum bans, and President Biden decried this kind of denial of access to asylum as a candidate. Now, instead of creating a fair and humane system to vet and welcome refugees seeking asylum at our borders, President Biden’s asylum ban will deny asylum and the chance to seek asylum to people seeking refuge even though they qualify for asylum.  The Biden administration plans to use this policy to replace Title 42, and as a “stick” against refugees seeking asylum after transit or irregular entry.  This rule will send many asylum-seeking refugees back to deadly dangers and prevent others from reuniting with their family. 

While this misguided step appears to be driven by a political desire to keep “the numbers” down, the asylum ban will discourage people from seeking protection in other countries, inflict dysfunction, inefficiencies, and horrific human suffering, and none of it will appease anti-immigrant fearmongers.  

President Biden’s asylum ban rule will set a dangerous precedent vulnerable to abuse by future administrations. Instead, the administration should meet with real experts, border communities, and asylum seekers themselves to learn about the humane and practical solutions we have compiled here.


  • Push out messaging that the Biden administration should change course and abandon the asylum ban plan.
    • Use this action alert created by HIAS to speak out against the ban. 
  • Reach out to other non-immigration allies to issue statements/join upcoming actions.
  • Review this letter sent to the Biden administration by nearly 80 Members of Congress. 
    • Do you have contacts with Members of Congress who did not join this letter? Reach out to them and share our NGO letter. Ask that they speak out when the asylum ban rule comes out. 
    • For those Members of Congress who did sign, reach out to thank them and encourage them to continue speaking out (it’s important they feel supported to continue speaking out).

Day of response:

  • #WWD will issue a campaign statement calling on Biden to reverse course. The statement is available here

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