Meet the Makers – Afghanistan: The Wounded Land – from WGBH-The World Channel

August 18, 2022

Event Description: A conversation about the generational effects of endless war on Afghan
women. Directors of ‘Afghanistan: The Wounded Land’ Mayte Carrasco and Marcel Mettelsiefen
will be joined by Nasrin Nawa, former senior journalist for the BBC in Afghanistan, and Zohra
Yusuf Daoud, a Kabul native, women’s rights activist and former media advisor to the First Lady
of Afghanistan. Moderated by CNN reporter Atia Abawi.

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Panelists & Moderator:
● Mayte Carrasco is the director and producer of ‘Afghanistan: The Wounded Land’ and
founder of production company The Big Story Films. As a war journalist, she has
covered conflicts in Afghanistan, Georgia and more.
● Marcel Mettelsiefen is the Oscar-nominated and award-winning director of ‘Afghanistan:
The Wounded Land.’ He has worked in Afghanistan ever since traveling to the country
for the first time in 2001 as a war photographer.
● Nasrin Nawa is a former senior journalist for the BBC in Afghanistan. She is currently a
Fulbright Scholar at the University of Nebraska.
● Zohra Yusuf Daoud, born in Kabul, is a women’s rights activist and former media
advisor in the office of the First Lady of Afghanistan. She is known for being the first and only Miss Afghanistan and is also the founder of the Afghan Women Association of
Southern California.
● Moderator Atia Abawi is a Middle East-based foreign correspondent and author of The
Secret Sky: A Novel of Forbidden Love in Afghanistan.

September 8, 2022 @ 5 p.m. ET

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