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August 1, 2022

Michael Sheridan is one of the best teachers one could hope to have. He has a genuine commitment to facilitating students’ ability to realize their vision, which is backed by a deep understanding of technology and technique. I had the pleasure of hiring Michael to teach over twenty years, and student reviews were always excellent.

– Anne Marie Stein, Former Executive Director, Boston Film/Video Foundation and Dean Emeritus, Massachusetts College of Art and Design

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Filmmaking Fundamentals starts 9/20

Learn the fundamentals of documentary storytelling, shooting techniques, visual aesthetics, sound, interviewing and editing with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Filmmaking Projects Group, 9/21

Bring a filmmaking project that is currently in pre-production, production or post-production for mentoring and instruction in areas of need and interest.

Storytelling Workshop starts 9/22

Discover your identity as a documentary storyteller and focus on the stories that matter most to you and that you can best tell. Learn how to successfully structure compelling narratives with a scene-based, character-driven approach.

Camera and Sound Workshop, 10/20

We will learn what it takes to record moving images and sounds that visualize engaging stories and stimulate the imagination.

Editing Workshop, 11/10

Learn the principles and techniques of video editing – the backbone of filmmaking. Whatever your interest or desired role in filmmaking, understanding editing is fundamental to your success. 

One-on-One Mentoring, whenever you are ready!

Need some one-on-one project guidance? Are you struggling with story structure? Want to get suggestions for how to improve you camera, sound or editing skills?

Questions:, 857-415-0564

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