CSFilm 21 Annual Report

May 9, 2022

In 2021 Community Supported Film continued to deal with the limitations caused by COVID, developed new programing, and in August turned all our attention to helping Afghans.

Our COVID responsive public engagement programming continued, and we used the time made available by the canceling of in-person activities, to revise our communications tools.

It was our plan in 2021 to implement programming that would raise the voices of Afghans as the international community disengaged from Afghanistan. The framing of the program had to be radically changed as the year progressed and the situation in Afghanistan deteriorated. It was also our plan to produce an online asynchronous training program. This work was cut short by the crisis in Afghanistan.

The crisis in Afghanistan forced us to put everything aside, including our mission, to focus on efforts to evacuate or provide internal assistance to our colleagues in Afghanistan. This was a night and day effort in August and September and will continue to be a major responsibility for the foreseeable future.

Financial support during COVID allowed us to take on many activities despite the barriers caused by the pandemic. We hope that the information provided in this report encourages continued support for ongoing and new initiatives.

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