Sponsor an Afghan family for Humanitarian Parole

September 29, 2021

Community Supported Film is working with pro bono lawyers to file for Humanitarian Parole for our Afghan families in Afghanistan and Iran. Humanitarian Parole is used to bring someone into the United States due to an emergency. Once brought to safety in the US or a third country the family continues with the process of filing for asylum and then permanent residency in the US.

A US Sponsor is still needed for each of eleven families filing for Humanitarian Parole. A Sponsor presents their financial picture and agrees to protect the US government from financial responsibility for the parolee. But it is a formality and not legally binding. And, in the case of Afghan parolees, Congress has passed the Afghan Parolee Support Program, which provides 90 days of support to Afghans on arrival.

Please email Michael, michael [at] csfilm [dot] org, if you can consider being a sponsor.

Thank you to all who have donated so generously. Please keep it up. Your support is allowing us to help Afghan families.

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