Take Action Today to Help Afghans by contacting your representative

August 18, 2021

Take action today to contact your senators and representatives, the White House and the State Department and talk to them about the following:

Dear President Biden/Representative…

1. The “Priority 2 Referral Program,” that Congress legislated into action on August 2nd, is not being implemented fast enough to save Afghans who have worked with the media and international NGOs. Afghans are being targeted and killed. There is no communication with applicants to know whether their applications are being processed or not. They need to make immediate decisions about what evacuation plan to pursue and all of them are dangerous options. Clarity is essential.

2. The chaos around the airport is being caused in part due to the lack of information from the State Dept about how the process of evacuation is supposed to work. Afghans who qualify for evacuation don’t know what to do and they are terrified. Should they wait to be called to evacuate or should they be going to Kabul Airport to argue their way onto a plane?

3. Afghans can only be asked to go to the ‘American ‘ gate at the airport once. If they are turned away, they are being watched and targeted.

4. If August 31 is the latest deadline for troops to pull out of the airport how are the estimated 150-200,000+ individuals and their families, who are eligible to be evacuated, going to be helped?

These are the questions and issues that Afghans are asking me.

Thank you for your help.

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  1. Bernice Schneider

    The US government needs to act quickly to save Afghans who have worked with the media and international NGO’s!


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