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August 1, 2021

DARI Version  —–  PASHTU Version

Use Your Phone: Single Shot Video Contest

Share your Afghanistan in a single shot

Single Shot Cinema uses one shot to communicate the essence of how a place feels to be lived in. We want to experience your Afghanistan as you are seeing, hearing, and feeling it.

Shoot one shot
Use your phone to shoot one shot of an Afghan situation, activity, place, or moment in time, that visualizes your feelings, concerns, hopes, fears, excitements, or disappointments.
● Record real things, this is documentary filmmaking, not directed or performed activities.
● Record the real sound only, don’t narrate or try to explain what you are filming while filming it.
● Hold the camera still except to follow the action of the situation you are filming.
● This is not an interview.
● Don’t edit what you shoot.
Women from throughout the country and filmmakers from the provinces are highly encouraged to submit their videos.

Winning Submissions
Submissions will be reviewed by an international panel of judges. Selected shots will be awarded 25,000AFN.
● Submit up to ten shots for review by the panel.
● Only shots selected by the judges will be awarded.

Questions: Basir Bita, 078-735-5929, 079-338-5122,

Deadline Extended: Open now and reviewed on an ongoing basis until August 31, 2021.

Winning films will be part of Community Supported Film’s effort to amplify Afghan views and voices as the country faces increasing violence, poverty and migration and the international community disengages.


Submit your video through Google Forms (google account required)

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  1. Clare S Rosenfield

    These truth-telling films are more important than ever. The situation is dire. The international community has abandoned the Afghans to the violent Taliban and that means the country will go back to the Dark Ages when women and girls were subject to being dominated at every turn. It is unconscionable that the world is turning a blind eye to the plight of the good people of Afghanistan. It is sheer ignorance, neglect, and immorality and cruelty. There has to be a better way. The international community needs to speak up and step up.


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