The black future of Afghanistan

July 27, 2021

From a colleague in Afghanistan:

As you know well, the situation of Afghanistan today, compared to last years has undergone very fundamental changes since the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan. The withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan has caused nothing but anxiety and worry for the afghan people.

Of course, this situation has affected on me and my small family terribly. Also, work and living conditions are in crisis and the situation is generally abnormal. I know you are following the Afghanistan situation by social media because you had some memories with the young afghan filmmakers here in this cursed land.

What you hear about Afghanistan in the news is a back drop of a turbulent sea of all negatives. I was happy here last decades, because I’ve seen some positives opportunities at all here; But, they are destroyed all now by withdrawal of American military forces from here. Consequently, The Taliban captured most of cities that even conquest of those cities was unbelievable for them. Even, I and my wife cannot go to our birthplace. 

In general, it can be said that the Kabul city is currently surrounded by those wild creatures in this black forest. Those predators have become more savage and unrestrained than before.  

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