Afghanistan-LookListenLocal – Reengaging with Afghan voices as the world disengages

July 30, 2021

It is the 10th anniversary of Community Supported Film’s distribution of the films made by Afghans during our training project, The Fruit of Our Labor – Afghan Perspectives in Film.

It is also the 20th anniversary of the American war in Afghanistan which has ended with the collapse of the Afghan goverment and the takeover by the Taliban.


Community Supported Film’s (CSFilm) mission is to amplify local voices in under- or mis-represented communities – whether they be new immigrants in the United States, Haitians, or Afghans.

As the international community disengages, Americans are hearing very little from Afghans.  In line with our mission, CSFilm launches Afghanistan-LookListenLocal. From now through the departure of the US coalition, Afghans will share their experiences through videos, photos, and writing.



  • Afghanistan-LookListenLocal will include:
    • Single Shot Video Contest. Afghans across the country are using their phones to shoot a single unedited shot that captures the essence of their lived reality. The best entries will be awarded $300 and shared.
    • Short documentary videos are being mentored through production and will become new tools to stimulate discussion.
    • Blog posts are being written on Afghans that participated in CSFilm’s first training and filmmaking project, The Fruit of Our Labor-Afghan Perspectives in Film. After 10 years many are refugees again, others have developed careers in filmmaking, some are living or working in regions once again controlled by the Taliban, all are fearful that Afghanistan is returning to a civil war defined by ethnic divisions.

Please help us support Afghan views and visions. The process, from making to watching the films, pushes people together from different ethnic, racial, economic, regional, and ideological backgrounds.  The results, develop skills, share perspectives, and influence decisions.

Train, Produce, Engage

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