Video Production Workshop

May 3, 2021

“The eye sees but the ear imagines.” This course will explore everything that filmmaker Robert Bresson meant with that famous statement.  We will learn what it takes to record moving images and sounds that tell engaging stories and stimulate the imagination. 

We will cover the aesthetic and technical skills needed to construct scenes and stories visually and aurally – whatever genre of filmmaking you are interested in. The language and techniques of camera and sound work will be presented, exercised, and evaluated in terms of their aesthetic quality, editability and impact on story. 

Equipment Requirements: Video production packages with audio equipment and tripods will be available during in-person outdoor sessions (when weather and COVID guidance allow). For home exercises, students will use the equipment available to them, whether it is a phone, DSLR or video camera. A tripod is highly recommended. Audio recording gear is not required, but a shotgun microphone, wireless lavalier kit and headphones that can connect to your video recording device will be useful, if available.

6 Sessions: July 7 – 24, 2021, Wednesdays 6-8pm and Saturdays, 9-12am — Online via Zoom and in person outdoors when weather and COVID guidance allow.

Taught by Michael Sheridan, filmmaker and educator, director of Community Supported Film and SheridanWorks.

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Check out examples of student work.

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