Reengaging with Afghan voices as the world disengages

May 3, 2021

It is the 10th anniversary of Community Supported Film’s distribution of the films made by Afghans during our training project, The Fruit of Our Labor – Afghan Perspectives in Film.

It is also the 20th anniversary of the American war in Afghanistan. President Biden has announced the withdrawal of all US troops by September 11, 2021, without commitment for a long-term international peace-keeping force.

Understanding the uncertainty and anxiety facing Afghans CSFilm is reaching out to those who participated in the 2010-11 training and filmmaking project and other Afghan documentarians to share local stories.

There has been quite a bit of US news coverage about Afghanistan since the US government announced the troop pull-out. The coverage, however, has been primarily from the perspective of Americans in Afghanistan and in relation to the conflict. CSFilm’s mission is to counter this insular reporting with local perspectives.  To make sound decisions about how to engage with Afghans and whether US actions are helping or hurting, concerned citizens and policy makers must be informed by the experiences of Afghans. 

To this end we reached out to Basir Bita in Kabul, who worked briefly on our 2010-11 project as a translator and is a specialist in communications. Basir is reaching out to fellow Afghans across ethnic groups, religions, and regions to develop a new collection of stories in word, photo, and video.  We look forward to bringing these to you throughout the summer and up to September 11th, 2021.

We look forward to reconnecting with Afghans at this important time and to sharing their experiences and points of view with you.

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