Live films by and about refugees around the world

May 1, 2021

Refugee filmmakers filmed their lived realities from refugee camps in Greece, Kenya, Uganda, Jordan and as asylum seekers in Indonesia and Mexico for three screenings at the prestigious Copenhagen International Documentary Festival, April and May 2021. Each filmmaker filmed with their phone and sent their footage in real time to Michael Beets, project director, and his live editing system.

Community Supported Film assisted Michael and producer Christian Pazzaglia, both based in Australia, to identify refugees and asylum seekers in the Americas. The good people at Asylum Access in Mexico helped us identify a Nicaraguan asylum seeker in Mexico who participated as a filmmaker in the Copenhagen screenings. Thanks to all the CSFilm supporters who responded to our requests for connections at the Mexican-US border and throughout Central America – particularly everyone at the Returned Peace Corp Volunteers for Refugees.

There will be ongoing screening opportunities so please be in touch if you have connections with refugees or people seeking asylum interested to participate as filmmakers. Participants can include people in camps at the border or other shelters, group homes or facilities waiting as refugees or for their asylum appeal to be heard. Michael B. and Christian cover expenses. Screening fees and any other earnings will be divided equally with the co-creators.

All the filmmakers and the project directors meet in advance of screenings to prepare and ‘rehearse’ story ideas. Film training is provided as needed. The films will emphasize the poetic visual and sound experience of the here-and-now refugee experience world wide.

Here is short project intro: Those Left Waiting

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