10th Anniversary Evaluation and Support

February 28, 2021

Community Supported Film is celebrating its 10th anniversary!

First and foremost, THANK YOU for supporting our efforts. I hope you will continue to support our work and I also hope that you will help us evaluate the first decade and set our direction for the next.

Since 2010 we have implemented projects in Afghanistan, Haiti and the United States, trained women and men in documentary filmmaking and mentored them to produce 30 short films. Those films have been used in hundreds of Screen&Discuss events from town halls to the halls of congress.

Anniversaries provide an opportunity to review accomplishments and shortcomings and to look forward responsively.

We need your participation in this evaluation. What have you experienced from our work and how has it impacted your thinking or actions?

Please support our work AND take five minutes to answer a few questions* that will help us define our way forward.

Best wishes for the holidays. Let 2021 be a healthier and more peaceful year for all!

Thank you,
Michael Sheridan, Director

*In appreciation we will send you a DVD from the project of your choice.

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Afghanistan needs international support. But what kind? Support Local NGOs!

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