NIRV Screen&Discuss at Viterbo University

November 11, 2020

Online from La Crosse, WI, November 17, 8pm (7pm CST)

Students at Viterbo University, a private Franciscan university in Wisconsin, will host a virtual Screen&Discuss on Tuesday, November 17!

This online event is free and open to the public. 

Watch and discuss three films about faith and freedom — Worlds Apart at Home by Somali refugee Abdirahman Abdi, Navigating Hope by Afghan refugee Sayed Najib Hashimi and Seeking Settled Ground by Mohammad Arifuzzaman of Bangladesh.

The films will be followed by a panel discussion with Rahmatullah Aka, Community Services Manager at the International Institute of New England; Mani Biswa, Bhutanese Christian refugee and film subject of Navigating Hope; Michelle Pinzl, Assistant Professor of English/World Languages at Viterbo University; Ernesto Rodriguez, a Cuban refugee who has lived in the Midwest for 40 years; and CSFilm Founding Director Michael Sheridan.

This event is hosted by the Identities Project, a cross-campus collaboration that provides opportunities for students to explore and discuss facets of identity through intentionally-reflective civil dialogues, lectures, documentaries with discussions, and other programs.

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