Learn Filmmaking: Storytelling, Camera, Sound & Editing

November 30, 2020

Get 2021 started with a new story. Learn filmmaking with these in-depth workshops.

Narrative Storytelling for Documentary Filmmaking, January-March, 2021, 6 sessions

Discover your identity as a storyteller and learn how to successfully research, develop, plan, structure, and script a  compelling narrative. Learn more!


Visual and Aural Storytelling for Filmmaking, March-April, 2021, 8 sessions

Learn the aesthetic and technical skills needed to construct scenes and stories visually and aurally – whatever genre of filmmaking you are interested in. Learn more!


Editing the Story with Image and Sound, April-May 2021, 6 sessions

Learn the principles and techniques of video editing – the backbone of filmmaking. Whatever your interest or desired role in filmmaking, understanding editing is fundamental to your success. Learn more!


One-on-one training and project mentoring also available.  Be in touch to explore the best options for you.

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