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July 16, 2020

Hundreds of participants in recent New Immigrant and Refugee Visions (NIRV) online events have learned about the challenges facing immigrants and refugees and the contributions they make to the United States.

We can not raise the voices and share the experiences of immigrants and refugees without your support.

Last night, the Alabama Interfaith Refugee Partnership hosted a NIRV Screen&Discuss at which Gaby, a first generation Venezuelan-American, said: 

  • These films ‘normalize’ us — you can see yourself in someone else’s story and I think that’s really important.

Last week, nearly 400 immigrant educators participated in a storytelling workshop that Community Supported Film contributed to. Participants said:

  • This offered a very tangible way to introduce and amplify immigrant voices, thank you!

Last month, the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers put on a World Refugee Day event. Feedback included:

  • I learned about organizations and work being done in other states that may be valuable connections for the work that I am involved with in Wisconsin;
  • I really hope that more people understand the terrific contributions refugees make to our social, economic and political fabric. Films and panelists were great.
Training, film production and public engagement take resources. We still need to raise $12,000 for our immigrant voices and visions campaign to counter the misguided resistance and hatred in our society.

Thanks and stay well,

Michael Sheridan
Founder and Director,
Community Supported Film

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