Two Facebook Watch Parties with NIRV Film

June 16, 2020

In honor of World Refugee Week, Tennessee Justice for our Neighbors (TNJFON) invites you to watch Sayed Hashimi’s “Navigating Hope” on Wednesday, June 17 at 2pm and Thursday, June 18 at 10am.

The watch party is available on TNJFON’s Facebook page at

A refugee is that person who has lost everything in his life. But he hasn’t given up his hope.” Compelling words from a man who lived over 17 years in a refugee camp in Nepal. Mani and his family escaped to the camp from Buddhist Bhutan where they were being persecuted as Christians. As a refugee in the United States, a “big country” he had never heard of as a child, he finds new hope helping other refugees navigate the challenges of life in America.

Watch “Navigating Hope”, directed by NIRV filmmaker and Afghan refugee Sayed Hashimi.

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Callaghan believes that independent creators like him will gradually replace the traditional pillars of journalism, “just because there’s so much distrust in media as it is … left and right.” Until then, Callaghan, Mosher, and Gilbert-Katz will have the opportunity to further shape the coming generations of journalists and social media reportage.

“I pretty much create news content for the disengaged,” he said. “That’s the achievement.”


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