Somali refugee communities and Black Lives Matter

June 7, 2020

People in St. Paul, Minnesota, light candles to remember Philando Castile in front of the governor’s mansion on July 14, 2016. Many of the people who protest police shootings in Minnesota are immigrants or the children of immigrants from Somalia. Credit: Rupa Shenoy/PRI

Somalis refugees and many other immigrants from Africa have historically not connected with African-American communities or issues.  But that is changing as they protest the continued police brutality of black Americans and people of color.

Below are news stories highlighting the changes in mindset and actions of Somali-Americans as they have joined with the movements for black lives.

Create an online discussion about how immigrants and refugees face challenges of assimilation and acculturation.  Use films from the New Immigrant and Refugee Visions assimilation and acculturation theme, including: Worlds Apart at Home, about the social and cultural integration challenges faced by Somali refugees.

Born with two strikes? These Somali Muslims in Minnesota find a home with Black Lives Matter, by Rupa Shenoy, PRI The World, August 05, 2016
Young Minnesota Somalis, asserting their blackness, take center stage in Floyd protests, by Ibrahim Hirsi, MPR-News, 

With funds raised from family and friends, sisters Fadumo and Hanaan Osman purchased supplies on Tuesday for Minneapolis residents affected by the protests against the killing of George Floyd.Jaida Grey Eagle | Sahan Journal



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