NGO Committee on Migration hosts NIRV Screen&Discuss

June 24, 2020

The NGO Committee on Migration hosted an online NIRV Screen&Discuss, June 25, 2020,  with CSFilm director Michael Sheridan.  The event brought together leaders, staff and activists from a global coalition of organizations working on issues of migration and displacement.  The Chair of the Committee wrote following the event:

On behalf of the NGO Committee on Migration, I want to thank you for a really interesting presentation and discussion yesterday at our final monthly meeting for 2020, this one virtual. The project you have undertaken, to train migrants and refugees to become film-makers and record the stories of their lives and their concerns, is a really fascinating community undertaking, designed to both foster coherence among the migrants and refugees themselves and understanding in the wider community.

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Digital Video Courses, Mar-May 24, Online

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