ON MIGRATION | Migration – in depth from The New Humanitarian

March 5, 2020

An in-depth collection of global reporting on refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, and internally displaced people.

More people are on the move than at any time for several decades, many of them fleeing conflict or the effects of climate change. The New Humanitarian tells their stories and documents the world’s changing responses to migration and refugees.

Our migration reporting has documented everything from the evolution of the Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh to how corruption harms refugees in Sudan and Uganda. We have reported on the growing role of local aid workers and the troubling trend of criminalising migrant assistance. We are on the ground covering the latest trends, including the exodus from Venezuela and climate-related displacement in Afghanistan.


All of our migration reporting is collected under five topics. Jump to all our latest migration coverage here, or click on the links below to find in-depth coverage of:

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ON THE MEDIA | YouTube hit Channel 5 News is “reporting for people who don’t watch the news”

ON THE MEDIA | YouTube hit Channel 5 News is “reporting for people who don’t watch the news”

“People who don’t watch the news watch me. People who watch the news don’t watch me.”

Callaghan believes that independent creators like him will gradually replace the traditional pillars of journalism, “just because there’s so much distrust in media as it is … left and right.” Until then, Callaghan, Mosher, and Gilbert-Katz will have the opportunity to further shape the coming generations of journalists and social media reportage.

“I pretty much create news content for the disengaged,” he said. “That’s the achievement.”


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