We are a long way from our year-end goal, but….

December 29, 2019

It looks like we won’t make our $30k year-end goal, but we are determined to keep training and amplifying local voices and perspectives. NIRV

Many of you have contributed generously, raising $21,893, and we’re very grateful.

With your support we will bring the voices of immigrants and refugees to audiences across our divided country.

With your support – and the drive of our Haitian partners – we hope to contribute to the skills development of video journalists across Haiti in 2020. Like too many places planet-wide, Haitians are being beaten down by weak governance, poor accountability in international aid and the perpetuation of gross economic inequality.  Like so many others in 2019, Haitians have risen and been thrashed and killed in the streets. Unlike many others their story is seldom being heard.  We hope to support their resolve and strengthen their voices.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide to raise another $8,107 by the end of the year.

Very best wishes for your end of 2019 celebrations and for the hope of a brighter more decent 2020.

Michael Sheridan
Founding Director, Community Supported Film

P.S. The NIRV DVD is available and could make for a great new year gift for your loved and loving 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th…generation immigrant!

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