ON AFGHANISTAN | In Afghanistan, Tattoos Are Markers of Autonomy

September 26, 2019

Another interesting story demonstrating the power and determination of Afghan woman.  For more powerful Afghan women, watch one of these award winning short films about Afghan woman:

Death to the Camera, by Sayed Qasem Hossaini

Treasure Trove, by Fakhria Ibrahimi

‘L’ is for Light, ‘D’ is for Darkness, by Hasibullah Asmati

The Road Above, by Aqeela Rezai

Beyond Fatigue, by Baqir Tawakoli

Hands of Health, by Zahra Sadat

Bearing the Weight, by Mona Haidari

Afghan women use tattoos to combat their society’s contradictory views, even if the stakes are high

Source: In Afghanistan, Tattoos Are Markers of Autonomy

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