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September 5, 2019

International Film Festival Movie Nights at Chuckie Harris

by The Somerville Times, August 4, 2019

East Somerville Main Streets, The Welcome Project, Connexion, Cambridge Health Alliance, and Somerville Media Center are excited to turn the Chuckie Harris Park into an outdoor movie theater August 9, 2019. This year’s films cover many genres and are from filmmakers representing a wide variety of countries.

New Immigrant and Refugee Visions

Produced by Community Supported Film

Community Supported Film (CSFilm) trains women and men in underrepresented communities to use documentary filmmaking to reveal their economic and social realities. Their films are used to stimulate dialogue informed by local perspectives. During the last four months of 2017 CSFilm trained new immigrants and refugees in character-driven, scene-based documentary filmmaking. The subjects they chose, and stories produced came out of this training and production process.

New Immigrant and Refugee Visions (NIRV) is a collection of documentary films by and about new immigrants from 13 countries of origin. The films were made during a 2017-18 CSFilm training and production project. The stories produced provide a unique insider perspective on the integration challenges faced by immigrants and the contributions they make to our culture, economy and social fabric. The filmmakers made these short films to engage communities in dialogue about immigrants and immigration.

The Films:

Borrowing Fire, by Kebrewosen Densamo : (13 mins 10s)

Campaign for a New American, by Qin Li: (10 mins 5s)

Lift with Your Heart, by Braulio Tellez-Vilches : (7 mins 47s)

Navigating Hope, by Sayed Najib Hashimi : (8 mins 12s)

Rhythms of Respect, by Katsyris Rivera-Kientz : (9 mins 20s)

Seeking Settled Ground, by Mohammad Arifuzzaman : (14 mins 11s)

She’s an American Child, by Rafael DeLeon : (10 mins 45s)

Worlds Apart at Home, by Abdirahman Abdi : (9 mins 57s)

More information on at


View excerpts from all the films.

Organize a Screening of the New Immigrant and Refugee Vision films in your community.

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