Influence the National Debate on Immigration

June 18, 2019

Community Supported Film’s (CSFilm) New Immigrant and Refugee Visions (NIRV) films are an excellent tool to influence the national debate on immigration. But we can not reach our impact goals without your generous support. Please contribute today.

The NIRV films allow immigrants and refugees to tell their own stories. The NIRV Screen&Discuss campaign amplifies their voices and deepens knowledge with discussion guides, informative resources and a network of distribution channels.

  • These are wonderful stories that need to be shared more and more with the entire country, particularly elected officers at all levels” – Pittsburgh, PA – Welcoming America delegate

Our new national partnership with Welcoming America has connected us with hundreds of organizers across the country. Welcoming America leads a national network of government and nonprofit partners in a mission to create more inclusive and prosperous communities. This important movement is at the forefront of the work to impact public opinion and behavior on immigration. They will use the NIRV films to stimulate their community conversations, but…

$620 is what it costs CSFilm on average to:

— organize and hold an event,
— provide print and online resources,
— market, promote and reach out to the press
— cover travel expenses, and
— cover the costs of staff, filmmaker and subject participation.

NIRV Screen&Discuss events have impact.

Our evaluations tell us that:

— 83% learn something new about immigration
— 77% think differently after watching the films
— 82% are motivated to act on behalf of immigrants
— 79% Identify specific actions they will take

You can influence the national debate on immigration by helping immigrants and refugees amplify their voices through these humanizing films.

Your support, the NIRV films and the discussions they foster, counter hate, fear mongering and misinformation.



Thanks in advance for your support,

Michael Sheridan
Founder and Director
Community Supported Film

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