ON AFGHANISTAN | An Afghan Photographer’s Intimate Look at Everyday Life in His Country

February 12, 2019

…“it’s difficult for photographers who’ve grown up in conflict seeing what goes on the front pages of the newspapers.” Many, he suggested, feed the international media with representations of their country they feel the world expects, perpetuating, in the case of Afghanistan for instance, the myth of intractable conflict.

But Farshad Usyan’s instinct was to avoid those tropes. Instead, his gentle demeanor inclined him away from scenes that focused only on the violence expected of Afghanistan and toward more mundane struggles: child laborers, poverty and the effects of climate change, as well as unexpected vignettes from a more modern Afghanistan in Mazar’s snooker parlors and barbershops.

Source: An Afghan Photographer’s Intimate Look at Everyday Life in His Country, New York Times, Photographs by Farshad Usyan, Text by Andrew Quilty, Feb. 11, 2019

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CSFilm 21 Annual Report

CSFilm 21 Annual Report

In 2021 Community Supported Film continued to deal with the limitations caused by COVID, developed new programing, and in August turned all our attention to helping Afghans.

Financial support during COVID allowed us to take on many activities despite the barriers caused by the pandemic. We hope that the information provided in this report encourages continued support for ongoing and new initiatives.


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