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January 21, 2019

Influence the National Debate on Immigration

Community Supported Film’s (CSFilm) New Immigrant and Refugee Visions (NIRV) films are an excellent tool to influence the national debate on immigration. But we can not reach our impact goals without your generous support. Please contribute today.

Your donation will help us reach more people and more communities in 2019!

Host a screening in your community!

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NOT Tax-Deductible:

100% to CSFilm
: Make a check out to Community Supported Film and mail it to: CSFilm, 31-33 Lenox St, Boston, MA 02118. NOT Tax-Deductible.

“I’m donating because Community Supported Film is trying to reach “the unconverted” by screening videos in places where people are not already supportive of immigrants and refugees.” – Donor

      97% to CSFilm: Donate online via Paypal. NOT Tax-Deductible.

“I like to support endeavors that take into consideration the concerns and voices of various communities — in particular those that are often marginalized and undermined. I’m also deeply disturbed by the current political climate in this country in regard to the rights and welfare of immigrants.” – Donor


95% to CSFilm
Make a check out to Center for Independent Documentary (CID), our Fiscal Sponsor. Mail it to: CSFilm, 31-33 Lenox St, Boston, MA 02118. A Tax-Deductible receipt will be sent to you by CID.

“You are empowering others to express very important parts of their lives as a way of making the world a better place.” – Donor

Make a Secure Donation Now

92% to CSFilm
Donate online via the Center for Independent Documentary (CID), our Fiscal Sponsor. A Tax-Deductible receipt will be sent to you by CID.

“Seeing the resonances between CSF and the Cambodian group that I work with convinced me to once again make a donation to CSF.” – Donor

Community Supported Film
31-33 Lenox Street
Boston, MA 02118, USA

Your Impact

We are entering the Public Engagement phase of the New Immigrant and Refugee Visions (NIRV) project. See details of the Public Engagement plan and schedule.

  • $25 will pay for the production of discussion materials for each event, including Film and Filmmaker introductions, Discussion Guides and Action Toolkits.
  • $60 will pay for a filmmaker/presenter’s per-event stipend.
  • $200 will pay for the screening equipment, room rental and other event logistics.
  • $500 will pay for the travel and accommodation to a national event for a filmmaker/presenter.
  • $1000 will sponsor a Greater Boston event.
  • $1500 will sponsor an event in a city like Salt Lake City, Nashville, Houston, or Des Moines – where 10-30% of residents are foreign-born but 50-100% of the state’s representatives have voted against immigrants on national legislation.
  • $4500 will sponsor a 3-event trip to one of these cities.
  • $1-20,000 – Hours of people power it takes to coordinate and evaluate even just one event.

Support of CSFilm enables us to:

  • Train, mentor and collaborate with local storytellers from underrepresented communities in documentary filmmaking and video-journalism;
  • Facilitate their production of powerful stories that visualize and articulate economic and social challenges from the local perspective;
  • Build and strengthen distribution networks between local social-issue mediamakers, their communities and an international community of concerned citizens.

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