NIRV immigrant films featured by KIMT News 3 (TV) in Minnesota and Iowa

October 28, 2018

Thanks to KIMT News 3 (TV) for featuring the Diversity Council and Community Supported Film’s “community conversation” about immigration in Rochester, Minnesota on Friday, the 26th of October.

“Immigration film being shown Friday in Rochester”

Immigrants, refugees and immigration policy are critical issues for many this election year. In a CBS news battleground tracker poll, 6 in 10 voters in key districts say immigration will be a very important midterm issue. The issue is also the focus of a community conversation happening tonight.
KIMT News 3’s Deedee Stiepan joins us. We hear a lot about immigration policy on a national level but within the past year it’s become a big issue in Rochester specifically as questions have been raised about local law enforcement’s role in handling undocumented immigrants. That’s one reason why the Diversity Council wanted to bring a special film screening event to the area. Tonight, Community Supported Film, out of Boston, will be showing several short films created by and about recent immigrants to the US. The hope is that they stimulate public conversations about the people in the films and how they relate.
The screening is free and open to the public. It starts at seven o’clock in the John Adams Middle School auditorium.

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