Michael Sheridan at Harvard Kennedy School of Government

October 30, 2018

Michael Sheridan, CSFilm Founding Director, will present two workshops at Harvard Kennedy School of Government Fridays, Nov 2 and Nov 9, 2-4 pm.

Part 1 – Visualizing issues with a video camera, Nov 2, 2-4

How to successfully translate topics and policy issues into engaging video stories.

Part 2 – Visual Storytelling: From principle to practice, Nov 9, 2-4

This session builds on the principles introduced in Part 1 and includes some demonstration of production technique and equipment. (Please attend even if you missed Part 1).


B-L-4 Hauser Conference Rm, 79 John F. Kennedy St, Cambridge, MA 02138

Further info:

Allison Kommer, 617-495-1329, Email

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