Upcoming NIRV Screenings & Discussions in Minnesota and Ohio

October 22, 2018

Join us at one of the Screen & Discuss events listed below.  

If you are in the vicinity we invite you to join us for one of the following New Immigrant and Refugee Visions (NIRV) Screen & Discuss events.

A selection of NIRV short films will be screened that provide an insider perspective on the integration challenges faced by immigrants and the contributions they make to our culture, economy and social fabric.

Project director Michael Sheridan will provide a brief introduction to the filmmaking process during the screening. Following, the audience will discuss their reactions to the stories with the aim of increasing understanding across diverse opinions and backgrounds.

NOTE: “Public welcome by invitation” events are open to the public but require an invitation due to restricted facility access and/or meal planning. Contact Us and we will make arrangements for you.


Thursday, 25 October, 11:30a: Wilder Foundation, Allies Against Racism Group
St. Paul, MN

Public welcome by invitation. Contact Us.

Friday, 26 October, 6:30p: Diversity Council, John Adams Middle School Auditorium 1525 31st. NW, Rochester, MN

Free and open to the public.


7 September – 26 October: McDonough Museum of Art
525 Wick Avenue, Youngstown, OH

Film Screenings Tuesdays and Fridays, 12:30-1:30p, in association with art exhibit “RESORT” by Susanne Slavick and Andrew Ellis Johnson.

Free and open to the public.

Please help us organize additional screenings

We are working on scheduling Screen & Discuss events in four states in October: Florida, Iowa, Minnesota, Texas. To see why we selected these states first, see our Target City Strategy. If you have connections that can help us organize a screening, please contact Caryn via our contact page.

Looking ahead, we plan to focus on Southern California, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and the Washington, DC area, but we encourage you to organize a screening wherever there is a need for greater understanding and community conversation about immigrants. 

Contact usPlease contact Caryn, Operations and Communications Manager,  via our contact page if you are interested in showing the films.

In order to help these unique insider perspectives on a wide range of immigrant and refugee experiences to reach as many people as possible, we need your help. Please consider making a donation to CSFilm to strengthen this work.

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