“Campaign for a New American” to Screen at One Revere Diwali Celebration

October 30, 2018

Campaign for a New American will screen at the One Revere Diwali Celebration this Friday, Nov 2, 6:30 pm. New Immigrant and Refugee Visions trainee/filmmaker Qin Li made this film about Dimple Rana’s campaign for Revere City Council in 2017.

This film is one of ten short documentaries made during Community Supported Film’s (CSFilm) 2017 NIRV filmmaking training and production project. The project amplifies the voices and visions of new immigrants and refugees.

The One Revere Diwali Celebration is organized by the Rana Dimple for City Council 2019 campaign committee. Community Supported Film is non-partisan and does not support specific candidates but is happy to screen Qin’s film at this event.

The event starts at 6 pm and the program will begin at 6:30 pm, Friday, Nov 2:
Beachmont VFW, 150 Bennington St., Revere, MA 02151

Diwali is a cultural event in countries including India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Singapore. There will be dance and Halal Indian food.

Hope to see you there! ?


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