ON THE MEDIA: From the 2017 Global Voices Summit in Colombo, Sri Lanka: Into the Deep Podcast

April 6, 2018

Global Voices

Last December, in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in a small hotel game room with decent acoustics — and with a tropical storm brewing outside — ten Global Voices contributors from around the world gathered in a room to talk about international friendship, cross-cultural collaboration and the value of community.

They were among the hundred authors, translators and editors from 60 countries who had gathered at the Mount Lavinia hotel for the biennial Global Voices summit to discuss the future of media, community, and the organization itself.

Global Voices is an international network of passionate people who keep tabs on the online conversations happening in their regions. Our more than 1400, mostly volunteer, contributors cover stories from 167 countries and translate them into more than 30 languages. Together, we’ve been building bridges of understanding, as we like to call them, through our digital reporting since 2005.

Into the Deep is the Global Voices podcast where we dig deep into one topic that isn’t getting the media coverage it deserves. And in this podcast we are going to be giving you a glimpse of the latest Global Voices summit.

In this episode, we featured Creative Commons licensed music from the Free Music Archive, including Rite of Passage, Quasi Motion, and Tikopia by Kevin MacLeod.

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Screen&Discuss Event at Community Church of Boston: New Immigrant and Refugee Visions

What was emphasized during the discussion is that it is up to those that believe in the US as a nation of immigrants, to counter the lies and misinformation that is permeating the current dialogue about new immigrants and refugees in the US. It is incumbent on all of us to speak out against xenophobia and hatred toward the newest members of our communities.


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