First Editing and Salsa Dancing: New Immigrant and Refugee Visions

September 1, 2017

NIRV Highlights, Issue 2, August 23, 2017
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Expert Film Editors Join the NIRV Team!

On Wednesday, August 9th, and Saturday, August 12th, five experienced film editors joined the NIRV team to help guide our documentary filmmakers-in-training.  Now the truth would be revealed!  Had they learned how to shoot material that would make an editor happy?  During the previous week, each of the trainees shot an activity of someone making something: a process with a beginning, middle and end.

Each editor met with teams of trainees to review their footage.  There was a lot of laughter and some grimaces, about the footage presented.  The editors created a scene from the trainee’s material, talking through how an editor thinks and what they are looking for to turning raw footage (or sewage?) into a story. Trainees learned firsthand how their shot choices affected the editor’s ability to construct a scene with smooth continuity.

Dan Girmus, points out to Braulio Tellez Vilches of Cuba, and Katsy Rivera-Kientz of Puerto Rico how certain aspects of the footage they shot work well.

We are privileged to benefit from their wisdom, experience, and spectacular good humor! In addition to being expert film editors, three of the five editors are immigrants to America like our trainees. We are thrilled to have them on board. Learn more about the incredible talent that has joined the NIRV project.

Mubarak Nsamba watches Assistant Trainer and Editor Samantha Corsini work with Jorgy Cruz get the editing software set up.

Peter Rhodes (center) describes the effect of shot selection on storytelling to Sayed Hashimi of Afghanistan (left), Qin Li of China, Kiki Densamo of Ethiopia, and Rafael DeLeon of the Dominican Republic.

Monica Cohen “thinks aloud” as she edits the material shot by Thelimo Louis of Haiti and Abdirahman Abdi of Somalia.


During Saturday’s afternoon coffee break, the conversation turned to salsa (the dance, not the food), and Braulio and Katsy immediately gave an impromptu demonstration and instruction. By the end of the break, half the class was dancing away…

Photos by Caryn Anderson, Rachel Darke, and Samantha Corsini

Braulio and Katsy

With me now…

The turn…

Kiki gets her salsa on!

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New Immigrant and Refugee Visions Screen&Discuss at Community Church of Boston

New Immigrant and Refugee Visions Screen&Discuss at Community Church of Boston

New Immigrant and Refugee Visions Screen&Discuss at Community Church of Boston

Sunday, May 5th @11AM ET

Online or in-person:

Join us on YouTube or on Zoom, Meeting ID: 813 5181 3462, or at

565 Boylston St. Boston, MA 02116

“New Immigrant and Refugee Visions”
CSFilm Shorts by Qin Li, Mubarak Muwongo Nsamba, and & Mohammed Arifuzzaman

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  1. Michael Sheridan

    This is so uplifting. Wish I could have been there – especially for the dancing! To receive such professional help in such a spirited manner sounds like a splendid way to learn. Looks as if you’ve hit another home run. Yeah, CSFilm!!!
    Love, Cordette


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