Editors needed for unique immigrant filmmaking project, Boston, MA USA

August 7, 2017

Editor Yrvelt Lamour works with Steeve Colins on his film, “Ghetto Green, Ghetto Clean, (Geto pwòp, Geto vèt),” Haiti, 2014

Documentary Filmmaking Editors/Trainers Needed for New Immigrant and Refugee Filmmaking Training And Production

Boston-based Community Supported Film (CSFilm) is training 10 new immigrants and refugees in documentary filmmaking as part of our New Immigrant and Refugee Visions (NIRV) project. It is an incredible experience to be together in one room with people from 10 different countries – China, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Cuba – so many cultures and so much great energy.

In this time of anti-immigrant sentiments, the NIRV participants will visualize the immigrant and refugee experience from their own unique insider perspective. You can get further details at csfilm.org/nirv. At csfilm.org/films you can also see the results of CSFilm’s similar training and production projects in Haiti and Afghanistan.

NIRV needs 5 skilled editors to work with the trainee/filmmakers on their short films. The ideal editor will be experienced with scene-based, character-driven, cinema verite style documentary filmmaking and at guiding the filmmaker/trainees toward their story’s strengths.

The trainees are not learning editing software but will be responsible for the rest of the post-production process of organizing their material and structuring and scripting their story. The editors can use Premiere or Avid and it is hoped that they might be able to bring their own editing laptops.

Editor Rahmat working with Fakhria (and her baby girl) on her film “Treasure Trove,” Afghanistan, 2010

The schedule for editors is as follows.  We’d like to find folks interested to participate in the whole process but it is also possible to only commit to Edit 1, Edit 2 or Edit 3 or some combination.

Edit 1 – Constructing Continuity, video only:

Wednesday 8/9, 5pm-10pm (Training starts at 6  but it will be necessary for us to meet at 5pm on Wed, or at another previous time, to review the plan.  Dinner is served 7:30-8)

Saturday 8/12, 8:30am-1:30pm (training starts at 9 and lunch is served 12:30-1:30)

Edit 2 –  Constructing a scene with video, natural sound and interview

Wednesday 9/6, 5pm-10pm (Training starts at 6  but it will be necessary for us to meet at 5pm on Wed, or at another previous time, to review the plan.  Dinner is served 7:30-8)

Saturday 9/9, 8:30am-5:00pm (training starts at 9 and lunch is served 12:30-1:30)

Edit 3 – Final Projects (The start date might be delayed depending on the status of the participants’ production

Editor Hamed working with Hasibullah on his film “L is for Light, D is for Darkness,” Afghanistan, 2010


Saturdays 10/14, 21, 28, 11/4, 11, 18, 8:30am-5:00pm (training starts at 9 and lunch is served 12:30-1:30)

Wednesdays 10/18, 25, 11/1, 8, 15, 5:30pm-10pm (Training starts at 6 and dinner is served 7:30-8)

Our limited budget requires us to ask all involved in this project to donate some or all of their time.  As needed, we will pay up to $20/hour.

Please forward this to friends and colleagues who might be interested.  They can get further details about Community Supported Film’s New Immigrant and Refugee Visions documentary training and production process online.   Also online are the films made during CSFilm’s similar trainings and production projects in Haiti and Afghanistan.


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McMillan Stewart Foundation supports CSFilm online training

Community Supported Film (CSFilm) wrote a new proposal to seek support for the development of our online documentary training (ODT). We are pleased to announce that the McMillan Stewart Foundation generously granted $20,000 for this two-year project. ODT will train community activists, journalists, and other grassroots storytellers in documentary filmmaking – from story development through post-production.

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  1. Monica Cohen


    My name is Monica Cohen, I’m a Colombian documentary filmmaker with a great experience as an editor. As an immigrant my self I see heat value on giving a voice to amazing stories of people that come to this land with great dreams and expectations. I would love to be part of that process.

    I’m now finishing a feature documentary called Dreams of Chonta. The story of an undocumented immigrant from the pacific coast of Colombia. A musicians tale; a story of the broken American dream and the incredible human struggle to achieve our goals and dreams.

    I hope I can help with this incredible project. Feel free to contact me for any of the dates listed.

    You can see some of my work here:



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