Community Supported Film announces participants from ten countries for the New Immigrant and Refugee Visions project!

July 21, 2017

First CSFilm Training, Afghanistan, 2010

Community Supported Film is pleased to announce that participants from ten countries have been selected for the New Immigrant and Refugee Visions documentary filmmaking project!

Local Voices Strengthen Global Perspectives

Ten men and women will begin their 15-week training in documentary filmmaking on July 29th. The participants bring a wide variety of immigrant and refugee experiences from their places of origin, Bangladesh, China, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Haiti, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, Afghanistan and Uganda, to communities in and around Boston.

Wilson Thelimo Louis from Haiti, 2017 NIRV participant

These women and men have a diversity of skills, interests and community engagement activities related to social and economic justice. We look forward to working with them to visualize the immigrant and refugee experience from their unique insider perspective and to sharing their films with the American public, media, educators and policymakers.

The training will run from July through November during which time we will be providing regular updates on the process and the stories being produced by the trainees.


Please help us raise the $14,200 still needed to complete the NIRV training, production and initial public engagement.

With your support CSFilm is able to model an alternative approach to documentary storytelling. Our approach puts locals in charge of defining the story. With local knowledge and lived-experience they examine the issues of concern to their communities from the inside out.

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  1. Wilson Thelimo LOUIS

    My name is Wilson Thelimo Louis … I am from Haiti and live in Boston since October 1st 2016. I am very happy to be qualified for this program regarding film making which will help me to start a new life in the United States of America. My ultimate goal is to become a great film maker and video producer whose passion it is to fight for conflict management in the society. During my childhood, I developed a passion for social activism and community volunteerism. I am a mentor, instructor, social communicator and Jurist. As a hard worker and committed individual, I know I am capable of reaching those goals. Most important, I have a great passion and believe that with an education, all is achievable.


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