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November 15, 2016
Network News

Network news studio: centralized and isolated

In these post-election days of angst, confusion and uncertainty, I’m clear about one issue. Our news networks do not report from the local perspective, they are centralized and disconnected. That there is so much news and so little understanding of the concerns and state-of-mind of at least half of US citizens is very telling. Without good information we cannot develop informed and compassionate opinions or support equitable policies.

This experience has reaffirmed my commitment to strengthening our understanding of social and economic concerns – whether at home or abroad – from the local, grassroots perspective.

Filming The Road Above

Filming The Road Above, Aqeela, Afghanistan

Community Supported Film’s trainings and films demonstrate the power of local storytelling. Many people have told me at screenings across the country that it is the first time they are hearing from and seeing how Afghans or Haitians are dealing with their own issues.

Film Still

Film Still: Owned and Occupied by Bichara Villarson, Haiti

Most of the news looks at rather than from within the subject! We are made to experience ‘the other’ through the eyes and actions of outsiders, rather than connecting with our common humanity when we hear their voices directly.

Film Still

Film Still: Water Ways, Majid, Afghanistan

Improving local capacity in documentary filmmaking and sharing their films empowers the maker and the audience. This is why CSFilm works so hard to demonstrate the power of local perspective storytelling.  It is why we tour the country sharing our view that “the messenger is the message.” In essence we want to help to take the foreign out of foreign correspondence.

To continue this work CSFilm needs your help! Your support has and will continue to educate the public about the importance of local perspectives, mentor local storytellers in the production of non-fiction films and share their important stories.

Please donate as generously as you can.

Thanks and very best wishes for the holidays,

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