Haitian-made films, Day 3 of 10, commemorating Haiti earthquake through Haitian eyes and ears

January 13, 2016

We are commemorating the Haiti earthquake of 6 years ago by drawing attention to the voices and actions of Haitians. Take less than 10 minutes a day for the next 8 days to watch a Haitian-made film. Learn from and share Haitian perspectives.

Today, take 6 minutes to experience the work and world of a charismatic and internationally recognized Haitian artist and social activist:
Out of the Rubble, (Soti nan Dekonm) – 6:39
Director & Videographer: Robenson Sanon
Sound & Production Assist: Junior Casséus, Luxon Dorcéus, Editing: Yrvelt Lamour

Host a Screening                                                                                                                              Buy the DVD

Artists use the trash that fills roads and rivers after rain storms, as well as pickings from the earthquake rubble that still remains in huge sections of the city, to comment on the hopes and challenges facing their ghetto and country.

Robenson Sanon holds a certificate in natural disaster and HIV/AIDS response from the University of San Diego. He earned a degree in Spanish and taught for a few years before starting to work as a journalist for a number of news agencies. Currently he is a reporter and host at Radio/TV Magik 9.

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