Film 7, Day 7 of 10 – MLK commemoration: Haitian Ghetto Activism, Citi Soleil Konbit

January 18, 2016

CSFilm commemorates the 6th anniversary of the Haiti earthquake by sharing Haitian voices and visions. Take less than 10 minutes a day to watch a Haitian-made film. Learn from and share Haitian perspectives.

Today, in memory of Martin Luther King, an inspiring story of Haitian activists fighting for economic and social equality and taking their Citi Soleil ghetto back from gangs and guns:

Ghetto Green, Ghetto Clean, (Geto pwòp, Geto vèt) –  7:57
Director and Videographer: Steeve Colin
Additional Videography: Ralph Thomassaint Joseph, Sound: Wilson Therrier,
Production Assist: Jude Stanley Roy and Evens Louis, Editor: Yrvelt Lamour

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Urban activists bring the rural Haitian tradition of the Konbit, shared labor, to the country’s most notorious ghetto. Neighborhoods and young people, divided by gangs and extreme neglect, create urban gardens and clean up the slum through a locally-led initiative.

Steeve Colin’s passion is participatory community development. In the Cite Soleil ghetto he works as a social engineer, specializing in project development, implementation and communications. He uses photography, and now filmmaking, to document the positive and negative impact of development projects in his community.

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