Day 4, Film 4: Taking the Foreign out of ‘Foreign Correspondent’. Watch one Haitian-made film a day for ten days.

January 15, 2016

CSFilm commemorates the 6th anniversary of the Haiti earthquake by sharing Haitian voices and visions. Take less than 10 minutes a day to watch a Haitian-made film. Learn from and share Haitian perspectives.

Today, Haitian female filmmaker Muselene Carilus brings us the story of a Haitian business woman, mentor, mother and auto-mechanic:

Shifting Gears, (Chanje Vitès) – 5:33
Director & Videographer: Muselène Carilus
Sound & Production Assist: Bichara Villarson, Editor: Jude Stanley Roy

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In an industry dominated by men, a mother and wife excels in auto repair, breaking common perceptions of the role of women in Haitian society.

Muselène Carilus graduated with a degree in social communications and continues to learn through seminars and trainings.  She has served as a cultural commentator, host and reporter at a number of radio stations.  Currently Muselène works as the Head of Communication for Plate-forme des Organisations Haïtiennes des Droits Humains (POHDH), a leading Haitian human rights group.

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