Day 2, Film 2 – 10 days commemorating 6th anniversary of the Haiti earthquake

January 12, 2016

We are recognizing the tragedy of the Haiti earthquake 6 years ago this month by drawing attention to the voices and actions of Haitians. Take less than 10 minutes each of the next 9 days to watch a Haitian made film to learn about Haiti from the Haitian perspective.

Today, take 8 minutes to watch Jessy Kernizan’s remarkable story about the determination of one of the many disabled people in Haiti:
Brave the World, (Bouske Lavi)
Director & Videographer: Marie Jessy Kernizan,
Sound: Jean Wilson Therrier, Editor: Mysuel Thimotee,

Host a Screening                                                                                                                              Buy the DVD


Dieula Marie Denise Souffrant breaks out of the shadows, where most Haitians keep their disabled family members, and not only makes a life for herself but leads the way for others.

Marie Jessy Kernizan is trained in theater and dance performance. She has worked on both national and international productions, including in Switzerland and with the renowned Haitian Palto Vanyan company. Palto Vanyan performed educational and political comedy skits in the camps after the 2010 earthquake.

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