Hire CSFilm to train you and your org in effective visual storytelling

November 11, 2015

Many non-profits do not have the IMG_0599 Croppedfunds to hire photographers to document their many activities and to visualize their stories for their community and supporters. Orgs often rely on an already over-worked staff to snap pictures on the run; too often the results are not usable.

I recently conducted a training in basic documentary photography for the The Neighborhood Developers in Chelsea, MA.   In two two-hour meetings, the program staff and I worked on capturing good images with their phones or the company camera. Without IMG_0584spending too much time or energy they are now snapping well exposed, composed and focused photos that communicate TND’s impact.  It is an inexpensive way to maximize the visual impact of your publications and website.

Please call or email us at +1 (857) 415-0564 or info [at] csfilm dot org to work with you, your staff or your community on producing documentary photos and videos that communicate your story effectively.

The photos above are examples of program staff pictures after the training.  Here are a few from before the training:Bagin Bin Deli 5.18.15 100_1781 20150716_164251

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