Haitian Trainees Produce New Films and Business

November 11, 2015

Robenson Sanon, Haitian radio journalist and participant in CSFilm and Groupe Medialternatif’sFishermen
training, is pursuing his dream to focus on documentary films that concentrate on the challenges faced by Haitians. He sent a link today with shots from his initial footage for his first project focusing on the plight of Haitian
fishermen. Robenson produced the film Out of the Rubble during the training and attended the screening in Jamaica Plain in April.

Peace PrizeSteeve Colins, producer of Ghetto Green, Ghetto Clean during the training in Haiti, has produced a short film about the 2nd Annual Peace Prize: 2015 in his community of Citi Soleil. This is the same community covered in his first film and the community where Steeve grew up and lived until the recent election violence forced him to seek shelter with friends outside the ghetto.

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