Screening and Presentation at West Virginia State University – April 25th

April 24, 2013

West Virginia’s Department of Communications & Media Studies will host a screening of The Fruit of Our Labor films, including a presentation by CSFilm director Michael Sheridan by Skype.  Q&A to follow.West Virginia State University

Thursday, April 25th 2013 at 7pm
West Virginia State University
Davis Fine Arts Theater
Washington Ave and Presidents Drive
Dunbar, West Virginia
The Fruit of Our Labor: Afghan Perspectives in Film is a collection of documentary shorts made by Afghan filmmakers during an intensive five week training by Community Supported Film.  The films bring to life Afghans’ daily efforts to address their challenging social and economic conditions, offering a personal and first-hand Afghan point of view rarely seen or heard in the US – even after 10 years of intense media coverage.

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Against the Wall – An Afghan Evacuation Story – Part 1

On Aug 15th, the day Kabul fell to the Taliban, Basir and his family made their first attempt to get into the airport and onto a plane. It would be nearly a month before they escaped into Pakistan. Over the next weeks they would be beaten at Taliban checkpoints, endure crushing crowds and be threatened and sworn at by soldiers from around the world.

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  1. Emily Kines

    Just came back from watching this film at West Virginia State University. It was a good film, I had no idea that the life of the afghan women was so harsh. In America, we women complain about not having fair rights, yet the women in Afghanistan don’t even have half of the rights we have in the here in America. This film was an eye opener and great to watch.
    I hope you guys can contiue to make more films like this, they are truely amazing.


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