NEW and Reedited! – Watch CSFilm and WAND’s Webinar “The Real Afghanistan” to see how you can get involved!

September 24, 2012

On Monday, May 14, in partnership with Women’s Action for New Directions, CSFilm proudly presented…

“Real Women. Real Stories. The Real Afghanistan.”

QT Export – Wand Webinar Final 1080p from Michael Sheridan on Vimeo.

This 45 minute webinar – a live digital presentation watchable on a home computer – featured CSFilm Director Michael Sheridan and WAND‘s Public Policy Director Kathy Robinson, to discuss the importance of hearing local Afghan perspectives and including women’s participation for a peaceful path forward in Afghanistan.  With excerpts from the Afghan-made documentary shorts The Fruit of Our Labor, the presenters explain the work of CSFilm, the Compassion Campaign for Afghan Civilians, and give ways for you to get involved.

Participants see how the stories in these films connect to CSFilm’s and WAND’s policy goals for a comprehensive U.S. peace-building transition strategy in Afghanistan, based on enhancing security through demilitarization and the promotion of women’s rights.

The films are a part of The Fruit of Our Labor: Afghan Perspectives in Film, a collection of ten Afghan–made documentary shorts that brings to life Afghans’ efforts to address their challenging social and economic conditions.

For more information about this work or to get involved, please email info[at]csfilm[dot]org.

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